Research Enquires

If you would like to research our collections please contact the Museum to arrange an appointment.

The Museum also offers a fee-paying enquiry service. This service costs £25 an hour. This charge is regardless of whether we find information or not, so please ensure you provide all the information you have and ask clear questions for our researchers to answer. The more information we have, the easier it will be to answer your question. Include names of regiments/battalions, full names of persons, places and dates in your enquiry. If you have a copy of their service record or photos include photocopies or scans. If you are not sure of the information, still include it, but tell us you’re not sure.

The enquiry service fee supports the continued conservation and care of our records. Please make cheques payable to ‘The Museum of Military Medicine’ and send with your completed enquiry form, payable in advance.

Please contact us here if you have any research enquires.