Rank Slides 2Lt,Lt,Capt,Maj,Lt Col,




A pair of rank slides available in Olive, Khaki, Clinical red and MTP.

Olive available in RAMC,RADC, QARANC and RAVC. In 2ND LT, LT,CAPT,MAJ,LT COL.

Khaki available in RAMC, QARANC and RAVC.In 2ND LT, LT,CAPT,MAJ,LT COL.

Clinical red available in QARANC in 2ND LT, LT,CAPT,MAJ,LT COL only.

Pearl available in RADC.In 2ND LT, LT,CAPT,MAJ,LT COL.

MTP has no Corps insignia as per dress regulations.

Green is classed as olive,khaki is beige and cream is pearl.


Please note we are having supply issues with our rank slides as our previous supplier has gone into administration. We are working with a new company to get these made ASAP. Please only order what you need to ensure there is enough stock to around, all rank slides are sold in pairs.

Please bear with us and accept our apologies.

Back orders are available as we are expecting an order to arrive late October/early November.


Please see up to date dress regulations to confirm correct rank slide combination.

International shipping rates may vary from price quoted.

Please email Bex at rebecca.edginton@museumofmilitarymedicine.org.uk for updated information.


Additional information

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 10.5 × 0.5 cm



2Lt, Capt, Lt, Lt Col, Maj


Clinical Red, Khaki, MTP, Olive, Pearl

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